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Repair-Kit for enamel and ceramic zoom For the professional repair of ceramic and enamel surfaces

For long-lasting repairs of impact damage and flaking on washbasins, kitchen sinks, shower trays and bath tubs with enamel, ceramic (porcelain) and acrylic surfaces.

The kit can be applied for up to seven average size repairs: 2 components: filling compound with hardener, spatula, sand paper for the repair of ceramic, enamel and acrylic surfaces, repair spray.


damaged bathtub zoom Three easy steps to perfect repairs:

Make sure the damaged area is clean, dry and free from grease. Remove loose pieces and rust. Please note: Hairline cracks in ceramic surfaces cannot be repaired.

spreat the mixture zoom 1. Thoroughly mix the repair compound and the hardener. Evenly spread the mixture with the spatula.

sand zoom 2. Leave for 30 minutes. Using the enclosed sandpaper, thoroughly sand and remove dust.

apply spray zoom 3. Apply spray in

several thin coats...



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