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What shade of white is my bathtub?

    Unfortunately, bath tub colours are not manufactured to RAL or Pantone shades. We try to achieve as close a match as possible with the colours of the original manufacturers by basing our formulation on their colour samples. If a bath tub is not more than 10 years old, the CRAMER 080 alpine white (light grey white) is likely to be the closest match. However, older bath tubs are often significantly whiter. You could try CRAMER 001, star white – the older bath tubs, especially cast iron, can suffer from the yellowing effect. This can be difficult then, to get an exact match. Another method to determine the colour shade would be to put a white sheet of paper into the bath tub. If the bath tub looks much darker or greyer than the paper, you should use CRAMER 080, alpine white. About 90 % of all bath tubs fall within this category.

Repair – Filler Ratio: How can I measure the 30:1 ratio of filler and hardener?

    Our filler hardens with about 2-4% of hardener material. This corresponds to a range of 25:1 to 50:1. Keep in mind that these quantities do not need to be exact. In this case, less hardener is better than more. Try to imagine that the filler to hardener ratio is about as much as a walnut size dab of filler mixed with a pea size dab of hardener. If you use too much hardener the filler will become too porous and lose adhesion with the surface being repaired.

How to re-establish the gloss back into the bottom of my bath?

    With time, lime deposits will build up and you won’t be able to get rid of them unless you use harsh cleaners that will damage the enamelled finish. We recommend using our acid free cleaning and polishing paste, Email Star. The abrasive content of our paste is gentle on the enamel surface but hard enough to get rid of lime deposits and re-polish the surface back to its original gloss. Generally, enamel surfaces should only be cleaned with acid-free cleaners since any cleaners containing acid will damage the surface (as does scrubbing powders and abrasive sponges). Once the enamel surface has been destroyed, even the Email Star Polish can’t help anymore. For minor repairs we strongly recommend the Kitchen & Bath Repair-Kit and the Touch-up Stick.

    If the bath tub is acrylic then Acryl Star will restore the original gloss whilst also removing any scratches.

    If you decide to redo the whole bath tub, we recommend the Jaeger Bath Refinishing Kit.

Can I repair pots and stoves?

    The Cramer repair kit is stable up to 80°C of dry heat. Stoves can be repaired where the temperature does not exceed 80°C and where there is no direct contact with food. The repaired area should not come into contact with food. Pots should not be repaired with Cramer repair products.

Can I mix paints?

    The paints in the touch-up stick can sometimes be mixed. However not all colours mix equally well and some of the pigments are incompatible.

The paint I sprayed on looks too light… did I use the wrong colour?

    When drying, the paint tends to darken a bit. Check again after 3 hours for a final finished colour.

Where can I get your products in the U.K.?

    Professionals can get our product line from their wholesale dealer. Consumers can obtain our products at builders/plumbers merchants, hardware stores, outlets that carry plumbing and paint supplies and at www.plumbworld.co.uk
    If in any difficulty, please contact Cramer U.K. Ltd.

Where can I get your products in the United States?